Saturday, December 28th, 2013

She Recommends: The Big Big Big Book Of Tashi

tashiThis is one of the many books that Santa brought. I read about it somewhere on the internet and borrowed it from the library but, after reading the first story, when Chase declared that she loved it and wanted to read the whole book I decided it needed to end up under the tree.

I can’t even tell you what it’s about but you can read about it here¬†and I thought that the amount of time spent reading Tashi over the last few days is enough of an endorsement that I wanted to share it. The book is really appealing especially if you have a kid that likes fanciful stories with gnomes and trolls and plenty of adventure. We also read the Dragons Of Blueland series together. She enjoyed it but didn’t run off with the books at every opportunity to try to read ahead. She’s far too busy reading now to tell me about it but maybe I’ll get her to fill me in once she’s done and waiting for the Second Big Big Big Book Of Tashi to arrive.

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