Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

The Dinosaur Hall

Sometimes, left to my own defenses, I will take the children on an adventure. That means undertaking an activity or outing that is probably more ambitious than it needs to be on a day that I won’t have any backup but that’s how I roll, I guess. Did you know that a) there is now MARC service between Baltimore and DC on weekends and that b) the dinosaur hall at the Smithsonian is closing in April for five years, FIVE! Taking the train to DC alone with kids is better than driving alone with kids, I’m pretty sure. I came home thinking I would definitely be up for doing that again.

image (3)

The things is, we all have to agree to be in or out at the beginning. There will not be any whining. Once you’re in you’re in there is no turning back. We’re in DC now. We ate at McDonald’s because that’s what they really, really, really wanted to do. Twice. Once on the way there, and once on the way out. I had thoughts about Au Bon Pain or Crumbs for coffee and/or cake as time permitted but you know what time permitted? McDonald’s, because you can get two ice cream cones and a coffee there for three dollars in about two minutes. Sometimes that’s what you need. I was like, are we doing this? Our train leaves in 10 minutes?

Those kids can hustle for a train. I am quite proud. image (4)

The weather was perfect and the museum was empty because everybody else was busy getting their super bowl on. Look at how few people are in the picture with the elephant! I think I might make this a tradition. I’m glad we didn’t turn on the TV this morning and got out the door. What’s the point of living 5 minutes from the train station if you don’t take the train every once in a while? The only thing that got lost was a hat and we found it again! Did I mention nobody peed their pants? That’s a good day.

image (5)

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