Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Go Crazy

I thought I’d might do something shocking like post something here. I lie in bed at night thinking about the things I should document here. The conversation I overheard about mammals (ponies specifically) and foals and well, if they don’t hatch from eggs, where DO they come from? The hospital? You said it was just like for people!

The hermit crabs we picked up today for Chase’s classroom and that I dropped twice. I probably won’t sleep tonight.

B still says SO much with barely any words. The guy at the pet store today took out all the snakes for the girls to look at and the whole way home she asked me what happened to the sssss’s. She is mostly potty trained… if only I could be more on the ball about it.

Avery had a checkup and weighed in at a whopping 35lbs and a string-bean like 3’5.”

Chase learned how to play Skittles and now we’re all considering a trip to Vegas.

All kinds of stuff is going on.

❤She's a whiz at skittlesSorry about that little guy. He seems ok?3'5" and 35lbs


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