Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

The Feisty One

Someone looked at this picture and asked me where B could have possibly thought she was going like this. I said I’m sure she thought that she was going wherever she damn well pleased. This girl has spirit. Fieiry, fiery, leaving the house naked spirit.

It's warming up out there

Ooh, and she was so mad when I brought her back inside. Do you think she wanted to hear that we could go back out if she put on some clothes? No, she did not. So many things make her furious. Can’t use the fabric markers? Furious. No more candy? Furious. Pants? Forget it. Nobody asks anymore why B is naked when they come to the door.

However, she is trying so many new words. Yes, salsa, and most farm animal noises are making their way into her vocabulary. She’d still rather sign and point but she’s game to try to new words now too.

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