Thursday, March 20th, 2014


photo 4
We’re having the fabled language explosion. Well, maybe not an explosion just yet but this mama feels like it’s a comin’ which makes me happy because for a long time I was wondering where it was. So now in addition to mama and dada she says a pretty respectable Chase, Avery and Teenie. She also says cheese and please, where is, what’s this, what’s that and mmm mmm for no. That’s a lot of words for B. Really, a lot. I’m excited to hear what she has to say in the upcoming days.

photo 3

And the potty thing. I was in denial for a while I think but she’s pretty much fully potty trained. I mean driving back and forth from North Carolina without a diaper, potty trained. Crazy. Of course that also means, I can’t take a nap I have to pee AGAIN, potty trained. So, you know. Right, and we went to North Carolina last weekend, good times. I wore my party dress.

photo 1

Also, after spending the fall and winter paralyzed by indecision about whether to sign the girls up for anything, we suddenly have an extremely full schedule. I would love to know how to find the happy medium of extra-curriculars. On Tuesdays the girls take classes at a place that has a fully stocked play room for siblings to use while they wait. Bennett, beside herself, refused to enjoy it. She was hysterical. She wants to be with her sisters. Also crazy. Where do these babies get their big ideas?

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