Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Poor Neglected (and a Birthday)

Poor neglected blog, it’s ok. I feel like this is time is time I would have filled recording all the new words that B has learned but, really, it isn’t many. Suddenly, about two days ago she started using “na” to take the place of words that she can’t, or won’t say. B, what do you want? Juice? Say juice (she can say juice). Na! No, juice. Na! (Also means, now give me the juice!) She’s a funny one, she is.

She continues to run, jump and hang from ladders whenever the opportunity presents itself. She loves to dance to All the Single Ladies and S.O.S. and likes to make the tick tock sounds in Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

We’ve just finished a week of birthday celebrations. She loves the Happy Birthday song and blowing out candles. She’s got an inkling about presents now too, I think. Such a sweet, funny girl.

It's a party!

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