Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

I Have an Office!

I mean a room of my own with a door and tomorrow I get a desk to put in it.  An office, I just like to say it it sounds so luxurious.  So there was no need for first day jitters.  Chase got a new tricycle last night that she found this morning.  I said bye, she gave me a kiss and then ran off to investigate practically saying have a nice day, see ya when I see ya.  No, we didn’t get her a tricycle to bribe her into not feeling bad that I’m back at work.. it just worked out that way :)  Oh, and when I got home?  She seemed happy to see me for a minute.  She ran toward me and I prepared to scoop her up for a big hug except it wasn’t reciprocated.  I scooped her up but she threw her arms around my lunch bag from panera instead of around me.  The panera bag was full of trash but I had an old scone in my purse.  She made do.  

My commute seems like it’s going to be between 15 and 20 minutes even in rush hour and that makes me really happy.  It seems that I’m going against traffic even though I have to cover a few miles of the beltway to get there.  I’m driving out of the city when everybody’s trying to get in.  It’s genius.  

It was generally a busy day for me and so far so good.  I got to see a lot of interesting people.  There’s a lot of people watching to do in a courthouse.  There are plenty of interesting characters in district and circuit courts, plenty.  I’m still looking forward to going in tomorrow.