Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Mmmm, Weekend

I love weekends, love them!  Danielle is here visiting, I let her cut all my hair off.  It barely sweeps the bottom of my earlobes now.  She must have cut off 8 inches.  I bought some more curl enhancer from Aveda and so far so good so we’ll see.  I’m hoping to leave the old triple-wrap pony behind me.  So far I’m loving it, I feel so liberated. 

I made pesto tonight.  I love Jamie Oliver’s recipe for pesto genovese.  I used to be so reluctant to make pesto but who knows why.  It’s a great recipe to make in quantity and throw in the freezer to have on hand, not to mention that this is the time to do it.  A bunch of basil costs 2 dollars at the farmer’s market and in a couple of weeks the same bunch will probably only cost a dollar.  I can only imagine that in my pre-farmer’s market days buying the little packages at the grocery store where the basil is 5 dollars for three little leaves made the whole production prohibitively expensive.  We bough a nice bottle of crisp rose to combat the summer heat.  You know how we wine connoisseurs made our selection?  Danielle always chooses based on the packaging and who was I to challenge that kind of logic?  

This was Chase’s weekend.  She got some toys yesterday and scored a few more new things today.  Danielle requested a trip to the mall where Chase picked out some new dodads for her crocs and then since her diaper leaked a new pair of shorts.  Did you know baby gap has a bathroom with a changing station and an armchair that’s nice and clean?  I didn’t either.  If your baby’s diaper is going to explode with poo, baby gap is the place to be.  A trip to Child’s Play for a birthday present yielded a few more small toys including the kazoo I’ve been promising her.  It didn’t take her long to get it either, she’s pretty good on the kazoo.  

I’m so happy with the garden.  We found just a handful of ripe berries on the blueberry bush.  This is its first year in the ground so we’re pretty happy that it’s even alive let alone that it produced a couple of berries.  They lasted all of 10 seconds.  Anything that ripens in our yard goes straight down Chase’s gullet.  Blueberries and peas alike.  You won’t see this mommy complaining that anyone is eating all the peas.  

Here are the pictures of the dress.  They’re not the most flattering pictures but they were the best I could do under the circumstances.  I’m hoping that with a couple of washes, the neck strap will take on something of a chenille effect fraying just a little.  I sewed the strap in half down the center then cut along the fold so that there are 4 raw edges, it’s something of an experiment as I don’t really know how it will turn out.  Chase like her big art deco button.  I have a plain wooden flower button on there that I really liked but that choice was vetoed.