Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

My Wish List

The most self-serving page ever!

nissan.jpg Click here to see the specs. I love the way this car looks but I just can’t justify the purchase based on the crappy gas mileage that it gets. I just can’t do it.
bench.jpg I shouldn’t even add this to my list since I already bought it today but it was on my mental wishlist for a looong time. This isn’t the one I got though. It’s similar but I found it at a local place called Red Tree
nikond40x.jpg I’m so sick of my camera. Chase really does gives her money smiles after the flash and my stupid camera takes like 10 minutes to reset after taking a picture. This camera is like a Cadillac and I’m driving a friggin’ go kart
shoes.jpg Luckily I can’t make my pedicure appointment tomorrow so I have time to mull it over. Maybe if I’m really good, the present fairy will bring these to me for fathers’ day. What? I’m supposed to buy HIM something.. crap.