Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Spring Fling

Next fall will mark 10 years since my first semester of college. Can you believe that? It’s spring fling this weekend and in spite of nearly a decade’s having passed not much has changed. I was feeling all nostalgic watching Chase check out the campus, I’d better start making my donations on the regular. She was all over the green as if she knew exactly where she was going. Danielle couldn’t help but remind me about the thousands of times I ran around freaking out in my pyjamas talking about turning in papers two minutes (or less) before the deadline. I remember express breakfast and the single art history recitation I ALWAYS slept through in Jaffe. That TA was such a jerk, she always waited until I fell asleep to call on me. Her point was lost on me obviously, she was no match for the power of a warm room, low lighting and a slide show. I remember moving every four months and the 4 different dorms I lived in. The mound of dirt that used to be the Blauhaus. The only place I don’t miss? DRL, I hated that place then and I still hate it now.

Ahh college.