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Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Alphabet Frieze

I’ve been working on this for over a year.  That is, from the time I dreamed this idea up until I put them up on the wall today, many many months have passed.  I’m pretty sure it was after Chase was born but she may or may not have been able to sit unassisted when I first started out.  

I’m happy to have come this far.  It still needs some tweaking.  I have to adjust the positioning of the letters a little but am generally satisfied with the spacing.  Chase is really excited about it and I’m happy to have come up with a design feature for her room that she’s really into and thinks is the bees knees.   

I took a bunch of pictures from the same angle… I tried and tried to get the whole thing in the picture but it’s damn near impossible.  I also put in the bedside table today (hooray for snow days!)  It’s another thrift store find.  I put a new coat of paint on it.  I love the candlestick legs, it’s very cute.  Chase picked that alarm clock out at IKEA.  I have absolutely no idea how to work it.  In the pictures you can see how I took my very technical measurements.  More tomorrow.

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