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Sunday, June 30th, 2013



I’m hardly posting here at all now. The milestones are flying by and I’m relying, probably too heavily, on Instagram to record them. B is so sweet and is getting so big. She’s super steady on her feet now and will take a few steps independently. She finds it all very exciting. Thrilling even. There’s this one clip where she stumbles but gets her balance back. But I think you’ll get the point.

Just ignore me there in the video. Ack. Me on video.

Her top teeth are getting ready to make her appearance. In the meantime she spends a lot of time telling me that her mouth hurts. She can drink from a cup, pick out her red shoes over all the other ones, use a crayon AND picked a lovey. We’re calling it tiny baby until something better surfaces. She love, love, loves tiny baby. It’s cute. And I think that tiny baby is dime a dozen enough to never have to worry about being without her for long.


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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013


DSC_0199It has barely started. School isn’t even officially over yet but, as the result of a scheduling snafu, we are all already at camp. Of course, by scheduling snafu I mean scheduling activities without a calendar and hoping you get the dates right. It’s been busy. Busy and confusing. Everything is upside down with changing schedules. This is the worst for me. Everything starts to slip through the cracks. But it’s been good busy in a lot of ways too.

Chase graduated from Kindergarten! Pretty amazing. She played in her first guitar recital as a part of the “Twinkle Band.” She’s been able to play Twinkle, Twinkle for a good long while and has played her way, at this point, through a good chunk of Book 1 but I’m glad that her teacher eased her into this recital with a piece she’s super comfortable with. Her teacher’s no dummy.

We’ve also been strawberry picking, shortcake making, being silly and trying out new art supplies. Then I think hey now, slow down there, summer vacation hasn’t even officially begun! I should probably pace myself before we run out of ideas.

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Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Standing Up

Some time after her birthday, just within the last week or so, Bennett started pulling herself up on stuff. Then, after so many months of being completely immobile she just GOES. Within two days of figuring out how to get up on her feet she is climbing stairs and ladders and cruising on the furniture. It’s unbelievable. It’s fun for Avery who seems to enjoy being tackled and playing hide and seek with the baby. Lots of giggles!

trouble  books


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Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Happy M Day


We are so, so glad to have the dad part of our family back around these parts. He was in San Fransisco for 2.5 weeks. We managed but are so glad to have him home. We enjoyed a nice day even if it did involve rescuing the Prius from the long term parking lot at the airport. There was also Mexican food, a margarita and a trip to Target so, all in all, pretty good.

I love these kids. Bennett was her sweet self. Avery wore a purple dress-up Rapunzel/ballerina combo over her pink poly princess nighty with a pair of jelly sandals to the playground. Chase tasted ketchup* for the first time in five years and, in the spirit of being adventurous and having Mexican food for lunch, declared it spicy and delicious. Later, during a rousing round of money flash cards that she insisted on trying, in response to my gentle prodding toward the answer she declared JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!


I’m up to my ears in party supplies for a certain little person’s birthday party next weekend. I can’t even believe it. I’m just going to eat so much cake this week. That’s how I think I’ll handle this. The girls keep talking about how she’ll be a big girl. They are so excited. There are presents hiding all over the house.


Happy Mother’s Day, friends. I love you all.

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Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Teeth, Finally


Not quite so toothless anymore. They are finally poking up through her gums and, boy, are they sharp!

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Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Almost One


I can’t believe it. It just hit me the other day that we are a mere month away from a first birthday. UNBELIEVABLE. As in I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Can’t. I’m so glad that I’m having lunch with a friend tomorrow so I can lie on the floor in her living room and wail about how I just CANNOT BELIEVE IT. She’s so big now. Crawling, pulling up, standing, signing milk, drink, all done. The girls love, love, love her. Laughing, hugging and kissing in abundance.

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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

How She Does It

DSC_0007This is how my baby stacks blocks. What? I know! It’s crazy. I can’t even think abou the fact that she’ll be turning one very, very soon. Lately, she’s learning and doing new things all day every day. Her funny crawling, which she seems to be foregoing in favor of climbing on stuff, foregoing milkies in favor of plain old night-night, drinking from a cup, pointing at stuff, demanding things and just generally trying to transition from baby to kid. Madness.



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Friday, March 8th, 2013

Happy Friday!

**Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Denise you were randomly selected as the winner of a free download of PrestoBingo! Thanks to everyone who entered now go download PrestoBingo anyway!**


Whew, I say it every week but, we did it! We made it to Friday! Friday is always bath night. Avery comes home from school FILTHY. I really should have given her a bath last night but, well, I didn’t but someone along the way managed to wash the red paint off her forearm today. It was fine, see? We didn’t quite make it to bath *night* though it was more like bath afternoon. One of those. Did you have a good Friday?

In other news… lots of new developments around here

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Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

When She Grows Up


She’s going to formally change her name to Rapunzel. She’s going to be a princess that takes people on tours around the earth in a space ship.

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Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

The Mitten

DSC_0065When my big kid gets an idea. It has to be executed immediately. Sometimes, oftentimes, that happens when I’m tied up with doing something else like making dinner or some other task that requires my full attention. I’ll tell her that, I’m sorry but, I just can’t help her at that moment. Most of the time I suggest that she start with a sketch of her idea and wait for me to be free again to help her move on to the next step but that is hardly satisfying.

DSC_0064You want to know what she finds satisfying? Just doing it and seeing her project all the way through to completion even if that means she has to do it all by herself, that it might not fit and that it might be a little wonky. She’s way more interested in seeing her vision through than executing it perfectly.

On Friday she decided to make Avery a pair of mittens. She traced, cut and sewed these all by herself except for the part where I threaded the needle for her. She’s unstoppable that kid. She must just absorb this stuff by osmosis.


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