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Monday, May 6th, 2013

My Favorite Brews

IMG_9421Iced tea season is here! As soon as I can go out without a jacket anymore it’s time to start brewing iced tea. I love, love, love it. I love a big pitcher of regular old iced tea brewed from Lipton tea bags but, over time, I’ve come to love a few other blends too. These are my go-to brews just in case you’re looking to shake it up a little.

I make all of my iced tea the same way. I brew it in a heavy glass pitcher that holds about a liter or a quart and that I can pour hot water directly into. Kind of but not exactly either of these. I put the tea bags and sugar in first and then pour the water over. Steep, stir,serve. Always delicious. The technique is always the same and I almost always use about 1/3 cup of sugar. It’s sweeeeet but that’s how I like it. Only the number of tea bags varies.

Plain Old (Sweet) Tea

To make regular old iced tea I use 6 tea bags. I usually finish the pitcher in a day so I don’t use anything fancy just plain old Lipton or Red Rose. I do often use decaf tea bags so I can drink it all day without giving myself heart palpitations and wondering why my hands won’t stop shaking.

Passion Tea

Tazo passion tea from Starbucks is a DELICIOUS but expensive habit. It’s more expensive than other teas at the grocery store but at $5/24 bags, which brews 6 pitchers, I think it’s a bargain. To make this tea I scale it back to 4 bags and find it to be perfectly flavorful. (the iced tea filterbags are perfectly good too).

Orange Blossom Hibiscus Tea

This is a Lipton herbal tea. I don’t enjoy it on it’s own but it’s perfect in addition to a black tea. I use 4 regular bags and two of the orange blossom hibiscus and it’s super yummy. It’s more subtly flavored than the others.

Earl Grey Tea

Trader Joe’s Early Grey bags make delicious iced tea (and hot too, really) and I like to make it whenever I’m not quite in the mood for an herbal but not in the mood for plain old iced tea either. If there’s no Trader Joe’s near you it appears that there’s a black market for this tea.

Now I’m thirsty! What do you like to drink in the summer?

**the tea in the picture was made from some lone bags in the cupboard that came from somewhere now long forgotten, It was hibiscus based and quite yummy though.

***Never ever use Trader Joe’s Crimson Blossom green tea. It has licorice in it.

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