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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


DSC_0002Recently I had the privilege of hanging out with some serious local talent. Like, serious, serious. Joyce Hesselberth’s work is published everywhere but you would never guess just how accomplished she is by chatting with her. Which is to say that she’s just super nice and sweet and totally unassuming. You can see her amazing portfolio of illustration work here but recently she launched an amazing app for kids, PrestoBingo!

I don’t typically write sponsored posts and, technically speaking, this isn’t a sponsored post though Joyce did give me access to the app for free. I don’t give my kids a ton of time on my phone but when I do I want it to count, as in work, as in I gave you my phone to keep you completely occupied for some length of time. I think it’s a tall order, for the preschool set, to find a game that’s interesting, not too hard, is not hideous and doesn’t require you to constantly buy add ons just to play (I’m looking at you My Little Pony!)

PrestoBingo is beautiful. The puzzle boards are so charming and Avery loves to play it. When you find all the shapes the picture animates and she loves that too. She’s learning her shapes and I also love that it slips in counting up to 20. That’s totally where Avery is right now. We’re playing! We’re counting!

What can I say about this app? We’re loving it! I asked Joyce if she’d be willing to give a free download to one of my lovely friends and she was totally up for that so if you would like a free copy of PrestoBingo for your device just leave a comment and I’ll pick a random winner on Friday, woot!

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