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Monday, April 14th, 2008

Time For Some Real Blogging

So I feel like I haven’t been writing real posts, not like the old days. (Way more than) half the time I feel like my attention is split. Even when I’m not working on another immediate task I’m almost always thinking about one. That being said, I got another big project off my desk for the time being and thought I’d take the time to focus my attention here. This weekend was fun. It was good to be away from home for just a little while. It was actually a well timed trip because the power was out here all night on Saturday which would surely have driven Ben and I both completely mad. I’ll be back up that way in two weeks for the Feist concert. I haven’t looked forward to anything like this for a while, it’s going to be fabulous, I’m so excited.

I’ve been baking from the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking Book with pretty good results. I made banana muffins on Friday that are by far the best I’ve ever made. I will never go back to making whole loaves muffins are the way to go. This is going to be my recipe from here on out. It’s made completely from whole wheat flour, either white or traditional. I used mini chips (I always only use mini chips) and white whole wheat. I didn’t measure the nutmeg either I just grated right over the bowl. Whole nutmeg has completely changed me, I’m a nutmeg convert. I had completely written it off. I would hear how different whole grated nutmeg is but have just now gotten around to trying it and it’s true, you CAN believe everything that you hear about it. Someone has already posted the recipe here.

Other than that we haven’t been up to much. Just trying to keep motivated to get through the next two weeks. Can you believe that after all this time, I’m down to the last two weeks… EVER, not of the semester… EVER. I like to repeat this to myself several times a day. The thought always cheers me up. I picked up some of my bar review materials today. I enjoyed carrying the box around it was like a badge of honor. I’m graduating.. see? See?? I have a few random pics that have been saved in my phone for a while. I like to call this one Ahh, Java or ask me again after my cuppa.

Seriously though it’s just milk and even though the new Starbu brew is good after all the hooppla and retraining, we’ve ben drinking coffee from Zeke’s. The Montebello Reserve is right up our alley. The switch was supposed to be a money saving endeavor. It didn’t quite work out that way but the coffee’s good and we’re supporting local business. Here’s a picture of Chase cavorting in the beans.

The smell in this place is unbelievable. It was kind of like the first time I tasted coffee at La Colombe in Philly. That was one of the first time something food related very nearly blew my mind. I wish I could remember the girl’s name that brought my there in the first place. That was the real deal, no signs, nothing. You had to know what you were there for and hurry up and order it at the bar without getting in anyone’s way.

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